Pixel set

Pixel set


I got 9 days into inktober and this is the result. This project taught me so much, even if I only made 9/31

1- Spider: Based on a google image
2- Tranquility: I used alot of different reference but there is no 1-1 image for this one.
3- Roasted: Used an image reference for this
4- Spell: lighting test. Used a character of mine and messed with dark lighting and high saturation light reflection
5- Chicken: didn't realize I would have an actual chicken, otherwise roasted would be different. Heavy reference for this one
6- Drool: Another heavy reference picture
7- Exhausted: Another lighting test with one of my characters
8- Stars: Referenced a few images.
9- Precious: I played with a double meaning of precious with myself. It's me made out of Jade since Jade is considered a precious/semi-precious stone.

More artwork
Jade fox pixel bigJade fox preview pixel bigJade fox sin ga dnd large pix